A true blue American manufacturing company with over 60 years of experience in roll-forming. We take a look at their flagship model and the amazing backup, training, and support programs offered to new customers.

Knudsons most popular model is the KFS-1420. It is a heavy gauge stud and track framing machine, capable of forming six (6) web widths and three (3) flange heights in 14 to 20 Ga, grade 50 steel. Manufacturing speeds up to 120 feet per minute (electric / servo drive) are available.

Although capable and efficient at manufacturing any level building, the KFS-1420 is the ideal solution for mid-rise construction (four to seven stories) and is well proven in the following sectors:

  • Limited Service Hotels / Hospitality
  • Student Housing
  • Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing / Memory Care
  • Multi-Family Residential

Knudson features Beck Automation and AMS digital batch controllers.


Knudson framing machine controllers are compatible with both Strucsoft and Vertex software CNC output.

Training and Support:

Factory Technical Assistance – Free!

Knudson Mfg., Inc. Service Department personnel, during normal working hours, provide unlimited telephone and email support.  Assistance in the operation, adjustment, maintenance, and parts ordering/replacement for Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery is available free of charge.  All Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery owners are highly encouraged to take full advantage of this complimentary technical support.

Factory Training Program – Free!

Knudson Mfg., Inc. offers a factory-based training program to all new machine buyers.  Factory authorized personnel to conduct thorough, hands-on training in the correct operation, adjustment, and maintenance of Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery.  Two (2) days of factory training for up to four (4) personnel is available free of charge with each new machine purchase.

On-Site Training Program

Knudson Mfg., Inc. offers on-site training to all Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery owners.  Factory-trained/authorized personnel conduct thorough, hands-on training in the correct operation, adjustment, and maintenance of Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery in the customer’ facility or at a job-site.  In the case of on-site training, the customer is responsible for providing the following:

  • A safe working environment • Appropriate and/or required tools for the operation, adjustment, and maintenance of the machinery • Electrical power; to include a power source, hard wiring, and/or extension cords as required • Gasoline or diesel fuel as required • Coil stock • Fluids; to include coolant, oil, and/or grease as required for both operations and Maintenance • The uninterrupted attendance of at least one supervisor and one machine operator

In the case of on-site training, the customer will be invoiced for the following items:

  • Service personnel labor – one (1) day minimum • Transportation costs; to include airfare, rental car, gas, and parking • Accommodations • Meals • Any other expenses associated with the training

Knudson Mfg., Inc. personnel only provide training on the operation, adjustment, and maintenance of Knudson Mfg., Inc. machinery.  Knudson Mfg., Inc. will not provide training in the use and/or installation of the roll-formed product the machine produces.  In addition, Knudson Mfg., Inc. personnel will neither supervise, nor assist in job-site operations.

For more information on Knudson products email: sales@knudsonmfg.com


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