Have you completed an interesting project recently and you want to tell the world about it?

If you have an interesting Cold Formed Steel (or LGSF) project, product or industry related information you would like to share with our global audience then drop our editor an email with details and photos (and please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page): editor@coldformedsteel.com

Our readers and visitors are particularly interested in the following;

  • Light gauge steel framed residential and commercial projects
  • Bathroom pod manufacturing using CFS/LGS technology
  • Modular construction with CFS/LGS systems
  • Metal panel roofing and facades
  • Container and tiny housing that utilizes CFS/LGS technologies
  • New CFS/LGS manufacturing products systems including design software, roll-formers, steel and fasteners
  • Design software, used in the manufacturing and construction of cold formed steel building structures


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