New Residential 3D House Design, Visualize and Pricing Platform

New residential cloud based software that designs, prices and engineers both steel and timber frames in real-time

Users may modify existing plans or import new ones via IFC upload.

Utecture is a cloud-based residential design, visualise and pricing platform recently released to the international market after five years of development. The Utecture platform allows residential plans (including steel frame houses) and drawings to be changed instantly, online, with price updates occurring at the same time. This allows residential building companies to very quickly make custom changes to standard plans and provide an instant price to potential customers resulting in salespeople being able to close deals much faster.

The Utecture real-time design tool allows plans to be changed instantly by simply clicking and dragging walls and rooflines. Products (SKUs/line items) and pricing are pre-loaded into the back-end of Utecture via price files (CSV), as plans are changed and modified, price changes occur instantly (pricing formulas are developed to each Utecture customers requirements). Fixture and fittings can also be modified and changed. For example, roof materials and colours, exterior cladding and wall finishes, interior flooring and paint can all be changed (with re-pricing occurring instantly) giving customers instant certainty regarding the aesthetics of the house they are purchasing and the finished price.

Furniture items can be positioned in and around the house and viewed in 3D, helping customers visualise space and layout options with more certainty. Utecture also contains residential building codes for frame houses for example, in Australia both AS 1684 (timber framing) and NASH residential steel frame standards has been incorporated into the software allowing the building to be checked and engineered against building codes.


Utecture provides residential building companies with a game-changing digital buying experience that enables buyers to make decisions fast and with confidence. Being cloud-based also allows colleagues to collaborate online on designs and drawings with Utecture responsible for full system storage, back-up, and updates.

Utecture is an online platform and currently being distributed globally to residential building companies wanting to design, price and visualise in real-time.

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