Modular Mobilization Coalition – Fighting Covid-19 with Rapid Building Solutions

Covid Response

As Covid-19 wreak havoc globally across the world and in Amercia, we take a look at one organized and mobilized group of companies are doing to fight the virus through focused healthcare buildings.

The Modular Mobilization Coalition (MMC) is an American group of 20 small businesses, modular construction companies with a nationwide network of 25 factories, a collective 4,000+ employees, and combined annual revenue of over $500MM ready to build a standardized Supplemental Care Unit (SCU). SCUs are designed to address the immediate need for quarantine, patient recovery, and care staff resting rooms that are able to be moved from city to city as the virus peaks and wanes, then can be permanently used as supportive housing after the crisis abates.


The MMC coalition of small business modular construction companies and factories can deliver nationwide 1,500 beds in 3 weeks, 10,000 in 6 weeks, and 25,000 in 10 weeks. The SCU layout complies with USACE A2HC general specifications, FGI Guidelines for Assisted Living (I-1), and further downstream can be re-purposed and stacked into 3-4 story permanent supportive housing structures giving a complete product lifecycle beyond the immediate health crisis demand.

This article was made possible with information provided by the Modular Mobilization Coalition. 

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