Black Sea 8000m2 Light Gauge Steel Frame Development

Russkoe More Village, an 8000m2 (26,246 ft2) LGSF development in Krasnodar, Russia

Part of the 8000 m2 LGSF development on the Black Sea, Russia.

Denis Lozenko has been involved with light gauge steel framing (LGSF) for over 11 years working throughout Russia, Europe, and the Middle East delivering projects for Don Stroy Technologies (DST). DST is a specialized light gauge steel design and build company that produces both commercial and residential developments worldwide.

Denis and his colleagues see LGSF as the future of construction in the regions they operate in “some people are looking at new technologies such as 3D printers for different types of blocks and bricks, but we have always used steel. We see it as strong, safe, and an environmentally friendly product and an entirely recyclable building system,” said Denis.

With plans for expansion into other countries, Denis and DST have experience with most major steel framing machines and software packages in the market. Denis and the DST team have developed their own Autocad based software and roll forming machines, DON_ST roll formers, to produce the 89mm and 150mm metal studs they use in construction projects. To keep the factory busy and machines turning over, DST offers customers a total LGSF solution, including architecture design, 3d modeling, construction drawings, and a contractor service to erect and build on-site. “We have also developed prefab projects and supply surrounding countries,” said Denis.

“One of the biggest and high-profile projects was the 2016 training camp in Anapa City, Russia for the 45th WorldSkills Competition and also the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi we built a complete hotel. Presently we are doing an 8,000 m2 LGSF beach and holiday complex consisting of up to 4 level residential and some retail in the Krasnodar region on the Black Sea in Russia”, said Denis.


The development has also called on Pinnacle and Scottsdale machines and uses G350 in 89mm steel profiles with 0.75 and 0.95 mm BMT thickness. The steel is supplied by Magnitogorsk and Severstal steel coil factories at around USD$1300 USD per ton. “Occasionally in Russia, we also use some steel supplied out of Finland and ArcelorMittal from Kazakhstan,” added Denis. The seaside development has also had some challenges “we had to cut right through the rock mountain to install the steel framed complex and drill down 6 meters to put in concrete piles. It has been an amazing project with a lot of practical experience gained, and as a result, we have closed a lot of new contracts requiring similar work in other countries,” said Denis.

The proximity of the LGSF to the beach would likely raise a few eyebrows from professionals around the world. While the steel used is a standard Z275 galvanized coil, it is also specially painted for protection, and a special lightweight concrete is applied to isolate the steel further to accommodate the seaside factors.

Following this project, Denis will continue his quest to be a key influencer globally in the world of light gauge steel framing, and by delivering projects like this, he has a reasonably good chance of doing so.




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