Huge 48,000m2 PEB CFS Building Shipped in One Hundred 40ft Containers

Located in Nigeria and designed and built by Dalal Steel Industries

An identical 48,000m2 building is presently under construction and will be situated right next door.

Dalal Steel Industries (DSI) recently completed the first of two 48,000m2 manufacturing plants  (420ft wide x 1,010 ft long) in Nigeria. The second identical building is currently under fabrication at DSI’s massive 250,000m2 manufacturing plant in Beirut, to be built adjacent to the first building. “Combined, they will be the largest production facility in one location in Nigeria at around 970,000 sqft,” commented Mirna Dalal, a Managing Partner of Dalal Steel Industries.


The onsite installation “took six months and seventy people with the materials arriving at the site in 100 x 40ft HC Containers”, said M.Dalal. The build and erection took place during Nigeria’s heavy rain season (March-July). Nigeria’s annual precipitation can exceed 3,000 mm (120 in) in some parts of the country.  The client was able to provide the DSI technicians with onsite housing and locally sourced lifting equipment, which made the construction job more manageable during a difficult seasonal period.

Other challenges included the local infrastructure with Nigerian ports and roads not as up to date with other parts of the world, particularly with the transportation and logistical requirements that surround moving one hundred, 40ft containers to site.

The Dalal Steel Industries PEB was shipped to Laos, Nigeria in one hundred, 40ft containers.

DSI has a worldwide presence with multiple manufacturing facilities. Key markets served include the US, Africa, and parts of Asia. DSI is a solution-based manufacturer providing design, detailing, fabrication, and installation of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, Prefabricated Houses, Insulated Panels, Cold Storage Warehouses, Crane Systems, Labor and Army and Refugee Camps. Presently they are also involved in the construction of several large and innovative projects, including the new Qatar New Naval Base requiring the fabrication and installation of 34 PEB Buildings consisting of 13,000 Metric Tons of Steel and 155,000m2 of Sandwich Panels.

*BOPP is a transparent bi-oriented polypropylene film manufactured and designed for high performance and aesthetics for flexible (food/industrial) packaging requirements.


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