LGS Creative Project of the Month: Meet Optus Prime from Turkey!

Each month we pick a creative LGS project from around the world. This month comes from Ankara, Turkey.

Meet Optus Prime! Designed and built in Ankara, Turkey.

The inspiration for this creative LGS piece was Optus Prime, the main character of the Transformers film series. Optus was designed and built by Zeta Çelik Yapı of leading LGSF design and manufacturing company, Steelo, in Ankara, Turkey.

Optus was designed using BCAD software and manufactured on a custom roll-forming machine. He sits on a 1.5m x 1.5m concrete floor and is constructed of: C90 1mm-1.2mm and C140 1mm x 1.2mm, he stands 4 meters (13ft) tall  and weighs in at 425 kilos (937lb),  stronger than some houses!


Have you created an amazing, creative piece, design and built using LGS technology?

Each month we select one project from around the world that highlights the amazing flexibility and practicalities of LGS to feature on our website. At the end of the year, we will choose an overall winner from all entries received who will win $1,000 worth of advertising on our website. Please send your photos and design details to: info@coldformedsteel.com



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